Community Care

Wellcome Launches the Rice Donation Charity Programme with Foodlink

At Wellcome, supporting our community has always been part of our mission. On 15 November 2021, we launched the Rice Donation Charity Programme to share love across Hong Kong and Macau, kicking things off with a HKD3 million donation to Foodlink. Through our actions, we hope to inspire others to join us in building a stronger, more caring community. Foodlink is a charitable organization that provides hot, delicious and nutritious meals to the elderly, the homeless and low-income families.

About the Rice Donation Charity Programme:

1. For every kilogram of any Yu Pin King rice sold, Wellcome will donate HKD0.5 to Foodlink.

2. The first day of every month is "Double Up Day", on which we will double our donations to HKD1 for each kilogram of Yu Ping King rice sold.

3. On important Chinese festivals, we will “Festive Feast Up” not only will we double our donations to HKD1 per kilogram of Yu Pin King rice sold, but also match your purchases on select products from the Yu Pin King range, donating one for every one purchased by a customer.

As of Jun 2024, the programme has raised over HKD10 million and counting the equivalent of over 28 million bowls of rice. We thank you all for your generous support, and hope you will help us keep turning donations into rice to feed those in need.

Rice Bank Donation number tracker (as of Jun 2024)


Heep Hong Society’s “I Can Do It Shopping Day” celebrates the 300th session

Since 2011, Wellcome has been supporting Heep Hong Society in helping children with developmental and learning difficulties to develop shopping and other daily living skills, while advocating mutual care between parents and children.

The "social adaptation programme" co-organised by Wellcome and Heep Hong Society comprises of classroom sessions and in-store field practices. Children from Heep Hong Society are given a chance to learn shopping skills, including how to push a trolley, choose products to purchase and pay at check-out. They will then put these skills into practice with their parents in "I Can Do It! Shopping Day" activities in Wellcome stores.

Wellcome has been supporting this programme for six consecutive years, amassing over 10,000 participating students and their parents in over 300 sessions. During the sessions, store staff and volunteers from the Wellcome Cares Team are engaged to assist the children along their shopping journey, bringing an exceptionally meaningful experience to their everyday work.

Wellcome sponsors “Beat the Banana!” Charity Run for the 4th consecutive year

The 10th “Beat the Banana!” Charity Run was successfully held on 15 March 2015, and Wellcome is proud to sponsor the event for the fourth consecutive year. Organised by the World Cancer Research Fund, the Charity Run aims to promote the importance of regular exercise and keeping a healthy diet to reduce the risk of cancer as well as raise funds for cancer prevention research and education programmes. This year, over 2,000 runners gathered at Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade to run for the good cause. A record high of over 220 staff and families from the “Wellcome Cares Team” together with 12 teams of business partners joined the run. Wellcome won the Biggest Team Award and the Top Corporate Team Fundraiser Award.Apart from being an event sponsor, Wellcome calls for support from customers, suppliers and staff, thereby garnering a donation of HK$1.2 million to the organization!

Turning the run into a talk-of-the-town event, Wellcome helped raise awareness of the cause not only through TV, print advertisement and their Facebook, but also its extensive network of over 280 stores. Wellcome donates HK$5 for every HK$5 donated by the public at our cashiers, hoping to engage customers on creating a ripple effect for more donations.

HKYWCA Family Workshops & Birthday Parties

To better care for the community and promote family values, Wellcome has collaborated with Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) since 2011 to organize a series of “Creative Family Workshop” and “Family Birthday Party” quarterly for under-privileged families in Tin Shui Wai.
In November 2014, 15 families joined a birthday party held at the Hong Kong Wetland Park with a series of activities aiming to promote the concept that "Family is Best" in enhancing parent-child relationship.
There was also a reading workshop in which our volunteers read stories to children under the age of 6.  

Operation Santa Claus 2014

Supporting Operation Santa Claus, a charity drive jointly organized by South China Morning Post and RTHK, for the fourth consecutive year, Wellcome cooperated with Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease to organize a service at one of its funding units.

In December 2014, members from the Wellcome Cares Team spent a meaningful afternoon with elderly from the Yan Oi Tong Clarea Au Eldergarten that offers day care service to dementia elderly. Not only did we have the honour to have Mrs. Kao, chairlady of the Foundation joining us, elderly from the Eldergarten were all delighted to receive hand-knitted scarves by our volunteers as Christmas gifts.

Wellcome supports the “Beat the Banana!” Charity Run for the third year in a row

For the third consecutive year, Wellcome was proud to sponsor the annual ”Beat the Banana!” Charity Run Organized by World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong (WCRF HK), the event was held on 2 March 2014 and gathered a record-breaking 2000+ runners and raised over HK$2.4 million in donations of which HK$1.2 million was donated by Wellcome to support cancer prevention research and education programmes.

To keep supporting this worthwhile event beyond widespread advertising on TV, magazines, newspapers, and social media, Wellcome engages all its 280+ stores to encourage customers to make a $5 donation at check-out counters to support the good cause.  The campaign received overwhelming response from customers and Wellcome matched the donations collected.

Wellcome volunteers prepares a warm Christmas for people in need

Wellcome Cares Team joined a series of volunteer activities including the “Po Leung Kuk Elderly Home Visits”, a Christmas party organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross and a Christmas lunch gathering hosted by Feeding Hong Kong to share love and warmth with elderly, children staying at the hospital, kids with special needs s well as impoverished families during the festive season.

Wellcome supports “Beat the Banana!” Charity Run for the second year

Wellcome was proud to sponsor the eighth “Beat the Banana!” Charity Run organized by World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong (WCRF HK) on 17 March 2013. Wellcome has been the event sponsor for two consecutive years and the event gathered a record-breaking 1,600 runners.

The first 1km “Banana Kids” race was held this year for children aged under 8. A little girl named Debbie set the pace as the first “Banana Kid” after earning the most "Likes" on the WCRF HK Facebook page. Wellcome matched every Facebook ‘Like’ with a HK$2 donation to the organizer.

Apart from garnering support from business partners and Wellcome Cares Team, Wellcome also encouraged donations from customers at its over 270 stores. Customers can donate in unit of $5 at  checkout counters and Wellcome would match the donations by customers. In the end, Wellcome raised HK$1 million for cancer prevention research and education projects for WCRF HK.

Operation Santa Claus 2012

For the second year in a row, Wellcome joined the annual "Operation Santa Claus" programme co-organized by SCMP and RTHK. In December 2012, around 15 Wellcome staff volunteered at an event organized with the Children’s Heart Foundation, during which participating children each made a unique "Family Christmas Cake" together with their parents and Wellcome volunteers to share the Christmas joy.

Family Workshop with HKSPA

In July 2012, Wellcome partnered with Hong Kong Single Parents Association in organizing a family workshop aim to strengthen the bonds between single parents and their kids through various activities, events and training.

Ten single-parent families with children aged 4 to 17 worked together and created lots of beautiful sand drawings. This enhanced the communications between parents and children which successfully achieved the ultimate goal of the association.

Family Workshops with YWCA

Since April 2012, Wellcome has been partnering with YWCA Tin Shui Wai Family Wellness Centre to regularly hold family workshops for parents and kids to play games and do arts and crafts together. This does not only promote family togetherness, but also facilitates more enjoyable time and appreciation among these Tin Shui Wai families.

Wellcome supports the 7th "Beat the Banana! Charity Run"

Wellcome has always been committed to providing customers with quality products and services while contributing to the society through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Wellcome fullly supported the “Beat the Banana! Charity Run” on 4 March 2012 organized by World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong (WCRF HK)to raise money for WCRF HK’s cancer research and prevention education. 40 Wellcome staff were voluteered to participate in the run together with their friends and families, chasing a runner dressed in a banana costume. Wellcome HK’s Head of Fresh Foods, was honoured to serve as the “Banana Man”. In fully supporting this year’s run, Wellcome had special event-themed displays in stores, items promoting a healthier lifestyle included a “fruity recipe booklet” at HK$5 with all proceeds going to WCRF HK, inspiring even more families to eat and live healthier.

Operation Santa Claus 2011

In December 2011, around 20 Wellcome staff volunteered at an event at a centre of Boy’s Brigade in Shum Shui Po to make Christmas gingerbread together with 35 children aged 8 to 11 to share the joy of Christmas.

Wellcome Charity Bears

Wellcome and food bank Feeding Hong Kong partnered and brought customers three bears---Care, Joy and Love during Christmas 2011. For each bear sold, Wellcome donated HK$5 to Feeding Hong Kong. All funds raised were used to help Feeding Hong Kong distribute food to needy families and to enjoy a convivial festival filled with love and care.

Senior Citizens Offer

We care for senior citizens and understand their needs. In the spirit of its “Wellcome Cares Community” motto, Wellcome launched two new initiatives in October 2011 to offer an extensive range of special offers to holders of Senior Citizen Card.

Support Japan Earthquake Relief

In support of the relief efforts in Japan, Wellcome appealed for customer donation in March 2011 and donated HK$1 for every unit of nominated products sold. A total of about HK$110,000 was donated to World Vision Hong Kong for the relief works in Japan.

Creative Barcode Competition

Providing a platform for young students to demonstrate their creativity, Wellcome organized a creative barcode competition in 2003. Students from territory-wide schools were invited to create unique art pieces with “Freshness” as the main them by making use of the barcodes on fresh food products.

Historic preservation

In 2003, Wellcome opened a store within the Old Stanley Police station - the first supermarket in Hong Kong to open within a historical monument. It was an opportunity to use our resources to preserve, maintain and liven the monument, while at the same time, gives the general public an opportunity to visit this proud, historical monument when shopping.

Click here for a detailed guide as you tour around our store.

Wellcome Theatre

100 years ago, before refrigerators were popular, the public was less aware of public sanitary issues. That is when Dairy Farm decided to build a number of cowsheds and breed imported cattle locally in order to ensure a daily supply of disease-free fresh milk and dairy products to the community.

To preserve the historical cowsheds, Dairy Farm invested HK$2.2 million in 2003 and restored two cowsheds to a multi-purpose theatre, now known as the Wellcome Theatre. The theatre now serves as a training facility for the Academy School of Film and Television.